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The Reimer Breeding & Equestrian Center is located in Ovelgönne near Oldenburg, just ten kilometers from the North Sea. It is located in the Wesermarsch district in the northwest of Lower Saxony, where the Oldenburg horse breed also has its historical origins.

Rickelshellmer 20
26939 Ovelgönne (Oldenburg)

Yes, you are welcome to visit our well-maintained and modern stud farm at any time. Come and see for yourself the quality and warmth of our broodmares, stallions, and their offspring. Appointments can be made through the contact form or simply by phone/WhatsApp. You can reach Mr. Peter Reimer at the following number: +49 151 41925889 Alternatively, you can also send us an email at:

We specialize in breeding and selling exclusive horses. The sales price is determined by many factors, such as lineage, color, age, conformation, and achievements.

The minimum price for our sport horses and foals is 10,000 euros.
The average price range for our horses and youngstars is between 20,000 and 40,000 euros.
The price for already trained tournament horses starts around 80,000 euros.
The highest prices are difficult to determine but can reach up to 3,000,000 euros.

If the price range exceeds your budget, make sure to follow us on Instagram to not miss any of our specials! Alternatively, you can visit us anytime or inquire about offers by phone.

The Reimer Breeding & Sales Stable consistently offers a wide selection of exclusive horses. We have horses for amateurs, competition horses for young riders, as well as high-quality sport horses with excellent pedigrees. We cater to all age groups, training levels, and price categories. You will find horses of various performance levels with us. Our range includes foals, young talents, horses from A to S level, and even award-winning champions. In addition to horse lovers, our offerings are also aimed at investors and professional athletes/Olympic participants.

Buying horses can be considered a profitable and particularly lucrative capital investment. By investing in one of our horses, you also always have the chance for a high return. We offer a comprehensive package tailored to your budget for all investors. We assist you in selecting the horses, training them, and even selling them. If you are interested in investing in one or more of our horses, your inquiry will always be treated confidentially.

No, our services encompass not only breeding and rearing sport horses but also the training and riding of dressage, show jumping, and eventing horses of various breeds. The training is carried out by internationally recognized experts.

Yes, we also take on the training, care, and maintenance of your horse. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information. You can reach Mr. Peter Reimer at the following number: +49 151 41925889

Alternatively, you can also send us an email at:

Yes, the training of our horses is carried out by internationally experienced trainers such as Jonny Hilberath (the national coach who led the German dressage team to a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics in London), Tanya Seymour (Olympic participant in dressage), and our passionate and experienced team.

We do not generally offer horses for small children. However, our services are available for young riders who are transitioning from ponies to larger horses. You can always inquire about our current stock.

Yes, we invite young and ambitious athletes to train with their show jumping, dressage, and riding horses at our stables. The training covers all phases and can also be done to prepare for competitions.

We offer internships and training positions for horse caretakers and horse trainers specializing in breeding. If you are interested in working at our equestrian and breeding facility, we welcome meaningful applications. We also support riders in dressage, show jumping, and eventing disciplines.

No, to ensure a higher success rate, we only offer natural breeding through live cover.

We register our horses with the Bavarian Breeding Association in Munich. The association also conducts annual assessments and evaluations of our foals. Many of them receive the titles of “premium foal” or “golden premium foal.”

In its third generation, the Reimer family breeds exclusive and successful sport horses for national and international clients. Experience, knowledge, and breeding methods are passed down from generation to generation and adapted to the current horse market. Over the years, the stable has evolved into a professional training center. With over 125 years of experience in horse breeding, more than 800 foals born in the last 30 years, and successful sales in over 43 countries, the Reimer Breeding & Equestrian Sports Center is now one of the largest centers in Germany for the sale, breeding, and training of elite horses.

The purchase of horses can be viewed as a profitable and particularly lucrative investment. By investing in one of our dressage horses, you also always have the chance of a high return on investment. The success of an investment also depends on the ability to invest. For a profitable investment, we recommend purchasing two to three horses per year. With proper development (under the supervision of professionals) and without injuries, the value of the horses can triple within three to four years.

Examples of an investment:

You buy three horses at a price of 100,000 euros per horse. The value of the horses after three to four years is approximately 150,000 to 300,000 euros per horse, resulting in a total value of 450,000 to 900,000 euros for three horses. Even after deducting training and maintenance costs, selling the horses yields a high profit and an incomparably high return on investment.

You purchase two Grand Prix-level horses, which have an acquisition cost of approximately 500,000 euros per horse, totaling 1,000,000 euros. With professional training and care, these horses can reach the level of an Olympic participant. In this case, the price increase is significantly larger and can be three to six times the acquisition cost. Such a horse has a market value of 1.5 to 3 million euros. Selling both horses would therefore bring you 3 to 6 million euros, far exceeding the initial investment of 1 million euros.

We have achieved great success with our own horse line, Reimer A. Pureblooded Horses. Here, we focus on the Achal-Tekkiner breed and the incorporation of top German breed stallions. In addition to our own horse line, you will find stallions, mares, young horses, and foals of all kinds.

We achieve our breeding goals through years of experience, modern breeding methods, and excellent mare lines. This ensures horses with above-average athletic performance and a high level of health. In addition to the sporting success of our horses, we always ensure balanced and age-appropriate development. Our horses also come directly from breeders’ hands and are raised with love and expertise.

Yes, all horses at our stud proudly bear the prefix PRI (Peter Reimer International) in their names.

Our Achal-Tekkiners are true multitaskers! These versatile riding horses are extremely sure- footed, agile, and calm. Thanks to their expansive, flowing, and rhythmic movement, the horses are suitable for demanding dressage riders. Additionally, Achal-Tekkiners almost universally possess exceptional jumping talent.

Yes, the Reimer Breeding & Equestrian Center has an Instagram and Facebook account. Here, we provide you with updates on all the news, events, and, of course, our horses available for sale.

Yes, we organize events at regular intervals. Here, you can get to know our wonderful horses and get an impression of our stud and our work. We will inform you about the event dates on our website and social media.

In summary, our horse breeding operation is suitable for people who…

  • want to buy an exclusive dressage horse
  • want to buy an exclusive showjumping horse
  • want to buy an exclusive eventing horse
  • want to buy a trained horse
  • want to buy an ambitious sport horse
  • want to buy a reliable leisure horse
  • want to have their horse trained by experienced trainers
  • want to invest in a horse
  • want to save time and quickly buy the desired

Reimer Breeding & Equestrian Center


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