Akhal-Teke Horse – European Championship 2019

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Passion for Akhal-Teke:

Akhal-Teke European Championship 2019 hosted by Sporthorses Stud.

7 – 8 June 2019


What an honor! Last month we had a pleasure of hosting the 2019 Akhal-Teke Championship. 48 horses and 170 Akhal-Teke enthusiasts from over 14 countries gathered to celebrate the strength and beauty of the Akhal-Teke horses.

It had not only been a great chance to present and celebrate the oldest horse breeds in the world, but also an important social event, where Akhal-Teke enthusiasts and breeders sat together to talk about the past, present and future of the marvelous “Golden Horses”.

Championship Day 1

The first day of The Championship took place on Friday June 7, after all participants arrived to our stud and made themselves at home. Friday’s program provided for the awarding of mares and licensing of stallions. Both aimed at determining the direction and trends in the future reproduction of Akhal-Teke, to ensure the purity of the breed.

Interdisciplinary Jury with a focus

The jury of four (Beatrix Zimmermann and Hendik Feigl from the Bavarian Breeding Association and Dr. Ing. Tatjana Riabova, along with Nadejda Abramova from the Studbook Russia / VNIIK) has judged the participating horses.


During the Mares Awarding program, mares have been judged according to five criteria: type, exterior, size, movement and character. Our beautiful Sporthorses Stud mares: Yefara PRI, Capri PRI, Damur PRI, presented their by-hand and free-running skills, obtained very positive scores and received a certificate from the VNIIK / MAAK, which is considered a breeding predicate for the future foals of the mare.


Stallion Licensing for the frist time

During the first part of Friday’s program Stallion Licensing, Akhal-Teke gentlemen introduced themselves in a by-hand, free-running and free-jumping presentation. All have been judged according to six criteria: type, exterior, size, movement, free jumping and character. We are proud to tell you, that Safar PRI and Hamgar PRI of Reimer Sporthorses Stud used his home advantage and secured the highest score in this class. Both receive a full Breeding License from the VNIIK / MAAK, as well as from the Bayrischen Zuchtverband (Bavarian Breeding Association), which is considered a breeding predicate for the future foals of the stallion.

Championship Day 2

During the second day of the event, the actual championship, Akhal-Teke horses have been judged in the following categories: Yearlings (fillies), Yearlings (colts), Geldings, 2-year-old Mares and Stallions, 3 –year-old Mares, 3-year-old Stallions, 4-year-old (and older) Mares and finally 4-year-old (and older) Stallions. Sporthorses Stud horses presented themselves from their best side and received very good notes in nearly every category! We could not be prouder!

“It was the first, but most certainly, not the last event of such a big significance organized in Sporthorses Stud.  Although not free from minor missteps, we believe that the event was very successful. We would like to truly thank everybody who was involved in making this dream come true: from our wonderful guests with their beautiful horses, to our incredible stuff, employees and Ristorante Sasso for making this event unforgettable. We hope that the friendships, connections and collaborations made during the Championship will contribute to the growth of the Akhal-Teke Community across the countries.”
Said Peter Reimer, host and managing director of the event.


For score tables and more information about the Championship, please visit the official Summary of the Championship