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Akhal-Teke European Championship 2019 at the Reimer Sporthorses Stud

What an honour! Last month we had the pleasure of hosting the Akhal-Teke European Championship 2019 at our stud in the “green heart of the Wesermarsch”. 48 horses and 170 Achal -Tekkiner from over 14 countries gathered to celebrate the splendour and beauty of this rare breed.

It was not only a great opportunity to showcase and celebrate the oldest horse breed in the world, but also an important social event where Akhal-Teke enthusiasts and breeders met to discuss the past, present and future of the wonderful “Golden Horse”.

Championship day 1

The first day of the Championships took place on Friday, 07 June, after all participants had arrived at our stud and were made to feel at home. Peter Reimer (host and Managing Director E.A.A.T.- European Association of Akhal-Teke) solemnly opened the event, accompanied by the sounds of the European and Achal-Tekkiner anthems. The Friday programme included the mare awards and the stallion approvals. Both aimed to determine the direction and trends of future Achal Tekkiner reproduction in order to preserve the purity of the breed.

International jury as basis for evaluation

The four-member jury (consisting of Beatrix Zimmermann and Hendrik Feigl from the Bavarian Breeding Association, as well as Dr. Ing. Tatjana Riabova and Nadejda Abramova from the Studbook Russia / VNIIK) evaluated the participating horses.

The mares were judged according to five criteria: Type, conformation, measurement, movement and character. Our beautiful Sporthorses Stud mares: Yefara PRI, Capria PRI, Damur PRI, presented their presentation at the hand and their free-running abilities. The ladies achieved very positive results here and received a certificate from the VNIIK / MAAK, which is valid as a breeding predicate for the mares’ future foals.

Stallion approval celebrates premiere

The stallions were also judged on type, conformation, dimensions, movement and character as well as free jumping. They presented themselves in top form in hand, free running and free jumping. We are proud to announce that our stallions Safar PRI and Hamgar PRI used their home advantage and achieved the highest score in the class. Both received a licence from the VNIIK / MAAK as well as from the Bavarian Breeding Association, which is a breeding predicate for the stallion’s future foals.

Championship day 2

During the second day of the event, the Achal Tekkiners were judged in the following classes:

  • Fillies, Colts, Yearlings;
  • Geldings;
  • 2,3,4 year olds and older mares/stallions.

Sporthorses Stud horses showed themselves from their best side and received very good marks in almost every category! We could not be prouder!

“Certainly not everything was perfect, but for our first event of such importance, we can be more than satisfied. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who was involved in making this dream come true: From our wonderful guests with their magnificent horses to our incredible staff and Restaurant Sasso who made this event unforgettable. We hope that the connections, friendships and collaborations made during the championship will contribute to the growth of the Akhal-Teke community in all countries.”

— Said Peter Reimer, host of the event.

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